Evaluation 2022 Onwards

Placement Area: PARE Hospital - Test Ward
Placement Dates: 5th Mar 2023     19th Mar 2023

* If any of your placement details are incorrect please contact your university placement office

* Your evaluation is not anonymous, your feedback will be made available to certain academic staff at your University and senior staff at this placement.


Question 1

Have you been assessed as requiring reasonable adjustments in practice?

Question 2

The learning experiences available within the placement provided opportunity for my learning outcomes to be achieved

Question 3

Did the service have multiple professions contributing to the care of the service users?

Question 4

I was encouraged to use evidence &/or reflection to contribute to my decision making

Question 5

I received information about my placement hours

Question 6

I was treated with dignity and respect relating to my culture and values

Question 7

My role as a student was recognised and valued

Question 8

I was allocated a named educator/supervisor(s)/assessor